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Adding A Recoil Booster To Your Semi-Automatic Handgun To Increase Performance When Using A Suppressor

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Semi-automatic handguns use a gas system to force the action to move after each shot and feed the next round into the chamber. The system is dependable and has been in firearms for years, but adding additional accessories like a suppressor to the gun can cause the gas system to struggle, and a pistol booster may be needed to resolve the issue. 

Semi-automatic Firearms

Many of the semi-automatic firearms on the market today use escaping gases from the chamber to cause the action to cycle, ejecting the spent cartridge and placing another in the chamber. The action moves very quickly under normal circumstances. However, when accessories are added to the firearm, it can change the weight and balance of the entire action and upper assembly and may cause the gas system to underperform. 

If the action does not move correctly, it can lead to jams or partial cycles that eject the cartridge but do not load a new round. This is common when handguns are fitted with suppressors on the end of the barrel, but adding a pistol booster to the firearm can help resolve the problem. 

Muzzle Boosters

A muzzle or pistol booster is a small screw-on accessory installed on the muzzle of your handgun that captures more of the spent gases from the bullet and directs them into the gas system to cause more recoil and more effective movement of the upper assembly on the gun. Because there is an increase in the firearm's recoil and more gas in the system, the pistol booster helps to overcome the additional weight on the muzzle that a suppressor or flash arrester may cause. 

The booster is small enough that it may look like part of the suppressor assembly, and most firearms will no longer need it if you remove the suppressor from the gun. Pistol boosters are commonly available for center-fire calibers above 9mm, but they require you to get the right one for your specific firearm. 

It is also crucial to remember that adding a muzzle booster to the firearm will push the suppressor out further and add additional weight at the end of the gun. The change in balance can help compensate for the increased recoil that the booster creates and help to stabilize the firearm.

Buying A Booster

Many companies that manufacture firearms suppressors also make pistol boosters to work with their system. You can also find muzzle boosters for sale in gun shops, online, and at gun shows around the country. It is essential to ask about your specific firearm and suppressor when you are buying a pistol booster to ensure you get one that will fit correctly and function without any problems. 

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