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Tennis Training Equipment: Topspin And Mental Strength

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If you're looking to improve your tennis game during the COVID-19 shutdown, tennis training equipment can help you help yourself accomplish your goals. Here are some tennis training aid techniques to help you improve your mental and physical game.

Putting Your Spin on the Game

Tennis professionals can control a game by adding spin to the ball. Understanding when to use topspin and backspin is critical to a tennis player's development. 

  • Adjustability: the tennis training equipment market is flooded with topspin and backspin training devices. Unfortunately, many of these devices only offer help with one specific type of shot. To get the most benefit from a topspin or backspin training device, look for something that helps you work on a variety of shots.
  • Steps: as you learn how to apply topspin and backspin to your volley, serve, forehand, and backhand, it can be helpful to break the learning process into steps. Start by focusing on physical mechanics, like rolling your wrist and shoulder. Once you are comfortable with the mechanics, you can begin to focus on stroke and velocity. For most players, stroking the ball with more velocity and spin is difficult. Instead of trying to hit the ball over the net or keeping it in bounds, try hitting the ball against a wall.

Mastering the Mind Game

A great tennis player is like an athletic chess player. They are able to think two shots ahead of their opponents and limit their mental lapses.

  • Habits: many novice tennis players approach every game the same way. This can be comforting, but it can also limit opportunities for growth. Wearable tennis training aids can help track your shot patterns to pinpoint bad habits. For instance, if you hit far more backhands than forehands, you're effectively limiting your strategic options during a tough match. You can set these wearable training aids to beep or vibrate as you practice. Once you become more cognizant of your bad habits, you can focus on strengthening the weakest parts of your game.
  • AI Coach: the best tennis training aids use artificial intelligence to deliver insights about your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, you might review the data gathered by your tennis training aid device to assess the accuracy of your serve. If you notice that your service accuracy dips as you get tired, you can focus on improving your strength and endurance to improve your service accuracy.