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Pros And Cons Of Bundling A Selection Of Fly Fishing Gear To Sell As A Package

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When you're looking to sell your fly fishing gear, perhaps because you seldom get fishing anymore or simply because you're buying newer gear, one of the options that you have is to sell everything individually. Another choice is to bundle up a number of pieces and sell them as a package — for example, selling several dozen flies as a group, rather than individually. This approach has some strengths and weaknesses, including the following.

Pro: Quicker To Sell

While some people might derive joy from selling their fly fishing gear, the average person likely just wants to sell everything as quickly as possible. Whether you need money quickly or you just don't want to drag out this process, selling a large selection of fly fishing gear as a package will often be quicker to sell — especially online. Whereas taking individual photographs of items and writing several item descriptions is fairly involved, one photo with a quick overview of what you have will help you to sell everything faster.

Con: Some People May Negotiate

When you sell several pieces of fly fishing gear as a package, you may get some people who want to negotiate about certain things in the package. For example, someone might ask to buy half of the flies that you're selling, but state that he or she doesn't want to buy the other half. Buyers of this type can make the selling process slower and more frustrating, but you can avoid them by stipulating that your prices and packages are firm.

Pro: You Can Sell Undesirable Items

While you may have a number of items in your selection of fly fishing gear that are widely appealing, there may also be some things that people aren't as interested in buying. Such items would be hard to sell individually, but when you put together packages of gear, you can easily include certain things that are less desirable. For example, if you're selling a package of 20 flies, you might include 10 that are in excellent shape, five that are average, and five that are undesirable.

Con: You Might Not Make As Much

Buyers often want discounts when they buy large selections of products, so you might need to keep this idea in mind. For example, if you were to sell 10 flies individually for $3 each, you'd make $30. However, if you were listing the same 10 flies as a package, pricing the package in the $25 range might make it more appealing to buyers who are looking for a deal.