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Considerations To Keep In Mind When Buying Your First Badminton Racket

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If you haven't previously tried the sport of badminton, the pending arrival of summer means that there's no better time. This fast-paced sport is just as suitable to play at your local athletic club as it is to enjoy on a lazy afternoon at the beach or even in your backyard. You'll find that this sport not only can help you stay in shape, but it can also help to develop your hand-eye coordination. Even as a beginner, it's worth spending some time finding the right racket to invest in rather than just buying a cheap badminton set at your local big box retailer. By investing in a quality racket, it will be comfortable in your hand and last for a long time. Here are some considerations for first-time buyers.


It's important to hold multiple badminton rackets in your hand before you select the one that you wish to buy. This process will help you to evaluate a variety of criteria, including the balance of each racket. Some rackets are evenly balanced; this means that if you try to balance the racket on your finger placed midway up the shaft, you should be able to do so. Others are heavier in the head. There's no "right" type of racket to buy; it's all a matter of personal preference, but you need to make sure the racket's balance feels natural to you.

Grip Size

Generally, it's preferable to have a badminton racket with a larger grip. With a larger grip, the racket will comfortably sit in your hand without causing fatigue. If the grip is smaller, you'll often find yourself having trouble controlling the position of the racket in your hand. Obviously, the size of your hand will also play a role. If your fingers are short or your hands are smaller than average, a large grip can often be unmanageable. If you're weighing your options between two grips, however, you shouldn't regret opting for the bigger one.

Shaft Flex

You'll likely encounter badminton rackets with shafts that range from extremely rigid to highly flexible. As with the balance of the racket, the flex of the shaft is largely up to your preference. However, when you're new to the sport, you'll often favor a shaft that offers a higher degree of flex. This will allow you to get more power on your shots, thus sending them farther. This is preferable as you'll be able to clear the net with ease and enjoy rallies with your playing partner without excessively tiring your arm.

For more information on badminton rackets and badminton rec sets, contact a sporting goods store.