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Four Creative Outdoor Wedding Venue Ideas

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Finding the perfect wedding venue can be challenging, especially during the busy spring and summer wedding season. If you dream of an outdoor wedding or reception, there are several options available that go beyond the traditional wedding venues. The following are a few of these ideas.

Idea #1: The Park System

Many municipalities allow you to reserve a park for weddings. They may even have some event items they will supply, either for a separate fee or as part of the event cost. This can include portable stages or gazebos, along with chairs or tables. Don't just check with your city parks. County and state parks also sometimes allow weddings and have shelters or buildings that you can rent. The National Park Service also issues wedding permits and they can provide you with suitable park services in your area.

Idea #2: Golf Courses

Both public and private golf courses can provide the perfect wedding location – beautifully maintained grounds and a fully appointed clubhouse. Anyone can usually rent a public course, but you will likely need to be a member to rent a private course. Often, golf courses provide their own catering and event staff, which will further simplify your wedding planning. A game of golf may also be included in the cost, which will give your guest some entertainment in the days leading up to the big event.

Idea #3: Sports Parks

Many cities now have large sports parks or complexes. These usually consist of a mixture of baseball diamonds and soccer fields, along with a large club house for the teams to use. When not in use for a sporting event, you can usually rent the complex for your own event. You will have access to the outdoor grounds, where you may be able to set up tents and stages for a wedding. You will also usually be given access to the clubhouse. These clubhouses usually come with a kitchen, which will give your caterers a home base to work from.

Idea #4: Sports Arenas

Believe it or not, many sports arenas allow you to rent the venue for weddings on non-game days. This includes both college and professional level sports arenas. Tables and chairs are usually set up right on the field by the arena maintenance crew. You can get married right at home plate (or, in the end zone). Many arenas offer full packages, which includes set-up, catering, and event staff to help with your wedding.