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Four Qualities To Look For In Your Next Golf Shorts

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When you're out on the green, the right clothing can make the difference between feeling uncomfortable and feeling energized at the end of the day. The next time you're shopping for golfing shorts, look for a pair that offers these four qualities -- they'll ensure you stay comfortable enough to shoot your best, even at the last hole.

Non-Cotton Material

A lot of more traditional looking golf shorts are still made from cotton, and these can surely serve you well for a little putting practice or even a 9-hole course. However, if you plan on wearing your shorts all day in hotter weather, you'll really want to invest in a pair made from a synthetic, non-breathable material. Unlike cotton, which traps moisture near your skin, shorts made from synthetic, breathable materials wick moisture away from your skin, so you experience less irritation and fewer rashes.

A Self-Adjusting Waist Band

When you bend over to swing, a traditional button-closure waistband can dig into your skin. Some new styles of golf shorts have a self-adjusting waistband. A piece of elastic is attached to the button or snap, and when you bend or move, the elastic stretches out, so the waistband does not feel too tight. This feature also allows you to keep wearing the same shorts even if you gain or lose a few pounds.

A Shirt Gripper

Are you tired of your shirt always coming untucked? Maybe you always have to buy extra long shirts to keep them tucked in, and then deal with the extra material looking bulky under your shorts. A shirt gripper solves these problems. Made from a nappy material and sewn into the inside of the waistband, it holds on to your shirt and keeps it from coming untucked, so you can stay looking neat and tidy -- and stop buying shirts that are too long for you.

Water Resistance

Whether it's a splash from the water hazard or a spilled drink in the golf cart, a bit of water can make you look sloppy if it causes a stain on your shots. Water-resistant shorts, however, let the water roll right off of them. This will make you less prone to stains, too, should you spill something other than water.

Golf shorts come in many different styles and with many different features. Everyone has different personal preferences, so you'll want to explore your options and see what works best for you. By using the factors above as a starting point, you'll be sure to choose golf apparel that keeps you comfortable and looking stylish throughout a full-length game.