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How To Reduce The Costs Of Your Trip To The Ballpark

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Taking your family to see a baseball game can be expensive. However, there are ways to make it cheap enough for your to comfortably afford, ensuring that your children get the all-American experience of watching their favorite teams play baseball.

1. Plan Ahead

Your first step is to plan ahead. Listen to the radio before the season even begins and enter every contest in an attempt to order to win free tickets.

See if your work offers any discounts on baseball tickets or offers any tickets in general that employees are able to claim for themselves and their families.

Finally, if neither of these options pan out, consider planning a large group trip to the ballpark that includes your child's entire school class, your employees, or anyone other groups of people that would be comfortable hanging out with each other. This will allow you to get a big enough group to qualify for group discounts at the baseball stadium, making each individual ticket cheaper. Make sure that everyone pays you ahead of time before you get the tickets in order to ensure that you are not stuck holding the bill at the end.

2. Figure Out Parking Ahead of Time

An unexpected cost of going to a baseball game is parking your car. Because most baseball stadiums are often located downtown in the city where you live, parking is going to be expensive, especially on the day of an event. In order to get around this, make alternative plans. If your office is located downtown, see if you can park there for free and then walk with your family to the ballpark. Scout out free spots in the area and get there a few hours before the game in order to claim them. Park at a local public transportation center and take a bus or a train the rest of the way into the city while being able to leave your car for a greatly reduced price. 

3. Eat Ahead of Time

Finally, commit to not buying snacks at the game or try to stick to cheaper snacks that are easily shared such as popcorn. Food at stadiums is expensive and can make your trip break your budget. If part of the overall experience for you is purchasing food at the ballpark, find out when the park offers dollar hot dogs and dollar beers or sodas. Then, get tickets for that particular day.

For more information, talk to your local ballpark, like ONEOK field. They might have other discounts for you.