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Fun Ways To Enjoy The Big Game As A Group

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If you and some of your coworkers root for the same team, consider hosting an event where you all go to see a game during the regular season. If your team is not one with a waiting list for season passes, you will have a great time supporting your favorite players along with your friends. Here are some fun ways you can make game day exciting for all who decide to join you in spectating.

Dress To Impress

One wonderful way to grab attention when you head out to the event is to have everyone in your group wear matching jerseys. Have each member select their favorite player and put in an order for wholesale jerseys online. You will be able to select jerseys donning the names of the favorite team members and hand them out to the people attending before the game day arrives. Consider purchasing matching hats as well!

Pack Fun Foods

You most likely will not be allowed to bring food or drinks into the event itself, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some goodies beforehand. Have members carpool to the event and set up an area in the parking lot to tailgate if it is allowed. Bring a grill and some barbecue foods to enjoy. This is a great time to discuss your perceptions about the game with each other, as well as walk around and meet some fellow fans and potential new friends.

Make A Wager

Hold a small bet on who will score the most points during the game. Collect each person's guess and list each one on a piece of paper to bring along to the game. Make it interesting by wagering with snacks, small treats, getting out of chores on the job, or simply for bragging rights.

Show A Few Signs

Have each person in your group make a sign showing appreciation for your team. You can have each person hold up a sign with a letter upon it and pass out the letters to show the crowd at appropriate times. Have the letters spell out the last name of a favorite player or the team name so others watching the game will know who your group wants to win. 

Practice A Routine

Before you head out to the event, have your coworkers practice a cheer or dance routine to do in the stands. Spend several weeks perfecting moves so you will all be synchronized when the time is right to let loose. This will boost morale of others in your seating area, as well as grab attention from other sections. You may even find yourselves on the big screen!