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Tips For A Faster 100 Meter Sprint

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100 meters may be a short distance, but getting a good time requires training, hard work, and a commitment to improving. You won't be able to increase your running speed and shave seconds off of your time overnight, but you will eventually get faster if you work on it. Use the following tips to get a faster time in the 100 meter sprint:

Start Lifting Weights

The key to increasing your running speed is to build up your glutes and leg muscles so they are more powerful and dynamic. Running alone will not give you the muscles you need for a faster time, so you will need to hit the weight room and make weight training a part of your routine. Focus on doing exercises such as deadlifts, squats, and lunges while holding as much weight as you can safely manage.

Aerobic Training

Running sprints of varied distances can improve your aerobic health which leads to an increase in endurance and speed. Try practicing by running sprints that are longer than 100 meters-- this will help you with your conditioning, and running 100 meters will seem easy in comparison to longer sprints.

Feed Your Muscles

In addition to weight lifting, help muscle development by eating a diet high in protein. Protein is essential for muscle growth, and consuming lean meat such as chicken, turkey, and fish will give you the protein that you need. You may also want to supplement your diet by drinking protein shakes after your training sessions.

Focus on Your Reaction Time

One of the keys to increasing your running speed and cutting your 100 meter sprint time is to get off the starting block fast. Increasing your reaction time and pushing off the starting block powerfully should be something that you include in your training sessions. If possible, have someone sound a horn or starting gun-- whichever one is used during your competitive races, so you can mimic a real race during your training sessions. It may be helpful to have a friend or family member record your starts so you can watch the video and ensure that you have the proper technique and form. 

Incorporate Plyometrics

Plyometrics is a form of exercise that relies on muscles exerting maximum power in short intervals. Many plyometrics exercises center around jumping-- such as jump lunges or jump squats. The goal of plyometrics is not just to increase muscle strength, but also muscle power. Doing these types of exercises will help the muscles in your legs and backside become more powerful and react faster, which will result in an increase in your running speed.